The ability to quickly and precisely neutralize threats – especially fast-moving, maneuvering targets – is vital in modern combat. A split second decision, a one-time opportunity: missing is not an option. In today’s complex world, America needs to know we’re hitting the right target – and only the right target – every time.

Brimstone Hits The Target And Nothing Else

  • Brimstone is the ideal weapon for fixed-wing  missions – combining pinpoint accuracy with low fragmentation as a result of its focused blast warhead
  • A next generation dual mode seeker, Brimstone successfully engages high speed, quickly moving targets over land and at sea
  • Semi-Active Laser (SAL) and Millimeter-wave Radar (MMW) seeker components ensure success against the most challenging, high speed and quickly maneuvering targets as well as against easily designated targets
  • Target the enemy and not the people they hide among – a specially designed warhead that destroys the target and nothing else

Brimstone Is Combat Proven

  • Central to successful UK Royal Air Force operations in Libya and Afghanistan against a wide range of targets including motorcycles, trucks, tanks, structures, radar installations and other challenging targets
  • The most accurate precision strike product on the market – Brimstone achieved a 98% success rate in Libyan operations [i]
  • Multiple modes of operation offering stand-off protection and combining true day-night capability with better utility in challenging weather

Brimstone Can Be Used On Both RPAs And Fighter Attack Aircraft

  • Brimstone is fully integrated on and used in combat by UK Tornado GR4 fighter aircraft
  • Ready to be integrated on US aircraft, Brimstone is a mature product with no development costs
  • Brimstone is low cost per engagement – a one shot, one hit weapon that doesn’t require multiple firings to compensate for challenging targets
  • Utilizes standard 1760 digital interfaces for ease of integration with different platforms