James Hasik on Dual Mode Brimstone- “A Sterling Combat Record”

Nov 20, 2013

Dual Mode Brimstone Combat Hit

Writing in the  The Atlantic Council’s Defense Industrialist, James Hasik examines the development of and utility of current precision strike weapons for the U.S. military and reports that:

“Apart from the rather heavy Maverick, there is still no ground attack missile for American fast movers. For F-35s, there will be no close air support weapon between cannons and bombs. So, as the news went around last month, MBDA UK is now aggressively promoting its in-service Brimstone missile in the US as a ready upgrade… The juxtaposition of names is itself a delicious turn of phrase in marketing, but the substance is even better. In addition to dual-mode seekers and a sterling combat record—98 percent in over 300 engagements— those Brimstones come with the added feature that they can be fired from jets.

From where I sit, it seems that sorting this out shouldn’t be difficult. The Army’s focusing its JAGM funds on a simpler problem could be a sensible approach. There’s a price point at which the Brimstone would make sense for the other three services.”

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